Special Offerings Needed

The last couple of weeks have been very comfortable in our building now that the new cooling system is installed and functioning as promised. This repair, though costly, was necessary considering the time of year that the old system failed and in light of all the activities that transpire here on days other than Sunday.

At the last Deacons Meeting, this repair and how to fund the $151,700 unexpected expense, were discussed and a recommendation to receive a special offering designated for this repair was approved. A few church members and friends of Southside Baptist Church have already made gifts to this special cause. Currently, gifts totaling $65,150 have been received, for which everyone is grateful; however, it would be wonderful if gifts totaling the full amount of the repair were received.

Hopefully, you will prayerfully consider the possibility of making a special gift to this designated offering. Whether your gift be small or great, it will reduce the longterm impact on reserve funds preserving those for future ministries.

Special Offerings Needed