Food Bank Assistance

Efforts to carry on with missions and ministries are still ongoing at Southside during the pandemic. The direct services to individuals and families through the Southside Food Bank have taken on a greater cooperative effort through the joint efforts of Southside Baptist Church, Iron City Church, Bridge Ministries and Family Promise. This cooperative effort has provided greater relief to those needing assistance through access to funding grants that in some cases require matching funds. We are privileged and blessed to have great working relationships with all these organizations and to be a place providing hope for individuals who are distressed. If you would like to help in these efforts, please read the special information below, or you can make a donation designated for the Food Bank. A portion of the gifts received through the regular contributions to SSBC are included in our budget to help fund this and other direct service ministries; however, additional designated gifts are very helpful.


We Need Your BOXES!

Do you order from Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, or any of the meal services? The Food Bank is in need of boxes. I know you have all seen the local news and the pictures of the different sponsored food give-a-ways. We could definitely use these kinds of boxes as they makes distribution so much easier than all being in sacks. The Community Food Bank will sell those boxes to us at $1 a box, but we think we could use that $100 each Thursday on food and not boxes.

We have tried different ways to box/sack the distribution items and with refrigerated/frozen items, the boxes are the best bet. All canned goods come in shrink wrap now. Also, do you have a favorite “spirits” store? Ask them what they do with their boxes and what day of the week they restock. Drop by and pick up the boxes and a new bottle of “spirits” to try. Your help will be greatly appreciated. We can come by and get them from you, or you can drop them off at the church.

Food Bank Assistance