A Time of Uncertainty

I was sitting at my desk contemplating the health crisis and the dramatic change in everyday life for everyone. Thoughts of concern for everyone’s well-being, the uncertainty of what will transpire in the next few weeks, the condition of those who have contracted the virus, those who have lost loved ones, the most at-risk and whether or not they have a network of support to help them, all came very quickly. What words of encouragement and hope could be offered when a great heaviness has fallen on all people in all places?

In the midst of my thoughts, the Pandora station to which I was listening played a portion of Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” to which Henry van Dyke set his words, “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.” I thought about a performance of that hymn in the film Sister Act II, located a video of it YouTube and watched it. Listening to this hymn and the joy with which it is performed lifted my spirit and reminded me that although the circumstances of life are currently different than we have ever known there is still reason for hope. Whether or not you watch this video, I encourage you to find those things to watch, read, listen to, or do, that will break your continual focus on the health crisis.

Certainly, we want to be informed and act responsibly for the well-being of ourselves and of others, but to do so within reason and as directed by leaders in the health and medical fields. Pray for those who have been affected most directly, those providing medical care and research, leaders deciding and implanting policy, and those who are the most vulnerable.

Along with church leadership, we decided that all gatherings on site at SSBC are now cancelled until further notice. We will continue to worship together via livestream at 11:00 a.m. Sunday. I encourage you to join your church family via livestream for worship.

Contact me or the church office if you know of any members who may need some assistance. Also, please contact those in your Sunday School class so that everyone will maintain a connection and know there are those able and willing should assistance be needed.

Please take precautions and stay well.

A Time of Uncertainty