The Bright, Shining Star

We celebrated the Epiphany of the Wise Men last Sunday, reading of and imagining their journey to Jerusalem to see the Christ child. The wise men were on a mission to understand and to find the one for which this bright star shined. The star ultimately led them to Bethlehem and confirmed that indeed this was the promised One. We are all on a journey following Jesus who has called us to be on a mission wherever we go by being the presence of Christ whose Spirit is with us and in us.  Let us begin this new year with a resolve to discover more of what it means to live faithfully and to believe that amazing and wonderful things are before us. 

This evening is the first gathering for Wednesday fellowship supper, prayer and Bible study. Dr. Roxburgh will begin a new series of study entitled, “Baptist Identity,” helping us understand more about who we are and how that shapes our mission in our community and beyond. Plan to be present for this gathering to learn and to share your insights.

Do you need some time to rest, read, reflect on scripture and pray? Each Thursday at 5:30 p.m., a Communion Service is held in Memorial Chapel during which we worship through, music, reading of scripture, silent prayer and meditation and celebration of Communion. This time is an outstanding opportunity to rest in silence and listen. I hope you will join us for this time of worship.

The Bright, Shining Star

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