God’s People

The rain Sunday did not dampen the spirits of those attending Bible Study, Worship and “Dinner on the Grounds.” We experienced a wonderful time of fellowship and fun around the table after hearing Dr. Roxburgh deliver a challenging homily during the worship hour on Jesus’ words concerning family and the Christian community. Thank you to all who gave time and energy to make this an outstanding event. It was a very good day at Southside Baptist Church.

This Wednesday, the Christian biography series continues as Dr. Roxburgh presents some of the events in the lives of John and Charles Wesley, giving us a glimpse into the faith development and spiritual journey of these two great Christian leaders. Hopefully, this series along with the “Calls to Action” emailed to you daily has complemented well your journey through this Lenten season.

Reflecting on events in our communities, nation and around the world while considering the experiences of teaching, worship and fellowship last Sunday, the words of the hymn, “We Are Called to Be God’s People” written by Thomas A. Jackson, continue to come to my mind and linger there.

We are are called to be God’s people, showing by our lives his grace,
one in heart and one in spirit, sign of hope for all the race.
Let us show how he has changed us and remade us as His own;
let us share our life together as we will around his throne.

Reflect on these words this week, they have an amazing affect on your attitude, focus and commitment when taken to heart.

God’s People

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