No Evening Activities / Heating Update

Due to the extremely low temperatures and the inability to heat the building adequately, Wednesday evening activities are canceled for this evening, January 17.

January weather continues to keep us guessing about the next weather event. Last Sunday, we again gathered in Drennen Hall since the temperature there was more conducive to a positive worship experience than the Sanctuary. The weather forecast for this week shows some bitterly cold weather mid-week, but by Sunday it will feel like a heat wave by comparison as temperatures climb into the sixties allowing us to return to the Sanctuary for worship. As I’ve mentioned in previous emails, the problem we are facing related to heating the building is the failure of the natural gas steam boiler, the main component of the building heating system. This repair/replacement is costly, approximately $75,000, and because it is built with the specific needs and requirements of our building, the lead time is six to eight weeks. Portable heating units are now in use providing heat to some portions of the building; however, these units are not sufficient during extremely low temperatures. Updates will be shared as available regarding progress on the boiler replacement. Some of you have already made additional gifts to help with the costs of major repair. Everyone able to participate by making a special offering to this cause is encouraged to do so.  (Simply click here and designate the Building Restoration fund). Until this repair is made, we will continue to be flexible and worship in the Sanctuary when temperatures permit.

Thank you all for the wonderful spirit with which this problem has been faced and for those who have helped make the transition and set-up in Drennen Hall go smoothly.


I enjoy our journey together,
Tim Kelley

No Evening Activities / Heating Update

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