Cold hands, Warm hearts

Those in attendance for worship last Sunday are well aware that cold temperatures were felt both outside and inside the church building. A major failure in the building heating system necessitated moving the worship service to Drennen Hall last Sunday. Although in a different location than a typical Sunday service, the same warm and loving spirit was evident and experienced by those present for Sunday worship. Many in attendance commented on how meaningful the worship experience was to them. The main heating system will be out of service for several weeks; however, auxiliary heating units will be in place for Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday services allowing those gatherings to take place in the usual locations. More information concerning the heating system will be forthcoming in the next week. Since there is little we can do at this point to hasten the repair, hopefully, we can put it out of our minds and focus on the real reasons we gather at our various times each week. Our hope is to always be the presence of Christ in this community and beyond in and through our worship, study, ministry, missions and fellowship. May we be faithful in our efforts to be the people God has called us to be.

Cold hands, Warm hearts

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