Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year! We begin 2018 with great hopes for good things ahead. Questions come to mind, though, of what will transpire and what major events will shape our individual lives, the lives of those around us, and our culture as a whole. What will we face? How will we respond? What will occur on the national or global stage? The truth is that we do not know what lies ahead, but we can have this resolve: although we cannot control events or decisions others make or how others respond to or treat us, we can control how we respond to whatever comes our way. Hopefully, our responses and the mindsets that determine so many of our actions will be rooted in the truths lived and taught by the One we follow who is Truth—the very One for which the Magi journeyed to behold and to worship, Jesus the Christ.

I encourage you to celebrate Epiphany with your church family in worship this Sunday.

Happy New Year! 

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