The Dawning of a New Year

This week is a period of “in-between” time. Advent 2017 is behind and we anticipate the New Year 2018. All sorts of thoughts flood my mind as I think of the new year and reflect on 2017 as it draws to a close. Thoughts come to mind of the many good things experienced, the accomplishments achieved, and in all candor, the missed opportunities and even the failures.

Yes, something within us prompts a mental review of the previous twelve months to evaluate what we have done with the time, talents and resources with which God continues to richly bless us. Each year brings new challenges, and 2017 was no exception. Much was achieved, yet there is much more to be done still.

God has entrusted each of us followers of Christ to use our gifts faithfully and wisely. Please give consideration to your commitment of support (whether that be contributing of your hours or expertise or finances) to glorify God and His church in 2018. As such, we all must acknowledge that the wise use of financial means is only a part of living faithfully and responsibly.

I am sending this hoping you will take the opportunity to renew your commitment to faithfully use your time, talents and resources in the new year. Additionally, since this is the last week of the calendar year 2017, you may want to review your financial support of Southside Baptist Church, and make an additional gift for this tax year. This is  extremely important this year since the tax reform bill recently signed into law may significantly impact the charitable giving received by Southside Baptist Church in the years to come. Your gift, whether great or small, is needed for Southside Baptist Church to continue on and to increase our efforts to be the “Presence of Christ” we are called to be.

It is my prayer that you will most certainly feel the joy and the fullness of our Lord, Jesus Christ, as the closing of the 2017 year approaches and that you will know the hope and the grace of our Lord in the dawning of the new 2018.

The Dawning of a New Year

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