The Beginning of Advent

Advent begins this Sunday, December 3, and it is also the beginning of the Christian Year. Advent is a time of celebrating and waiting, of remembering and anticipating. It is a time of great tension in experiencing the “already” and anticipating the “not yet” that is promised. It is a time for spiritual renewal and of growing deeper and stronger in our faith. Each Sunday is an opportunity to experience the presence of Christ as we worship together and each weekday an opportunity to experience the presence of Christ in our neighborhood, community, work or play.

On Thursday evenings at 5:30 p.m., we gather in Memorial Chapel for a time of prayer and meditation, followed by Holy Communion. During Advent, the meditation and prayer focus each week will use the text for the upcoming Sunday. Hopefully this will further enhance our experience of Advent.

This Wednesday, we resume the weekly mid-week schedule for Fellowship Supper, Prayer and Bible Study. Dr. Roxburgh will continue the study on Peter as he presents a study entitled, “Failure and Forgiveness.” I hope to see you there for a great time of fellowship and study.

The Beginning of Advent

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