Giving Thanks

This Wednesday evening is one of those very special times our church family gets to gather around the table, give thanks and share a traditional Thanksgiving meal together. Breaking bread with family and friends is always special and, at times, extraordinary. I hope you will share in this time of fellowship and that you will invite your friends to join you.

After the meal we will have a time of prayer and share some thoughts on Thanksgiving. We will also be assembling hygiene kits for those who don’t have homes and family to be with this holiday season. Then on Thursday evening at 5:30 pm, we will gather in Memorial Chapel (2nd floor across from the church office) for a time of reflection and meditation on Psalm 100. This service ends with the celebration of Holy Communion.

In both gatherings, the table is central to all that transpires and, in both, we have the opportunity to express to God, the giver of all that is good, our gratitude for innumerable blessings. The physical needs that are met, the health we enjoy, the family and friends with which we are blessed all have deeper meaning and bring greater joy when we celebrate and give thanks for the tie that binds us together as followers of Jesus the Christ.

Join your church family and feast on the table from God’s bountiful creation, and feast at the table provided by our Savior and Lord who promised that whenever we gather in His name, He is present with us. That is surely reason to give thanks!

Giving Thanks

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