Homilies on Mark’s Gospel, Part II

The Apostle Peter is often sidelined in our understanding of the New Testament. Despite the fact that he was one of the inside threesome who were especially close to Jesus: Peter, James and John, he is often overlooked and attention is focused on Paul. Yet Martin Luther once commented that his writings were among ‘the true kernel and marrow’ of the New Testament.

In our Wednesday evening Bible Studies in October and November, we have been exploring the life of Peter. There is something winsome and welcoming about the character of Peter. He is impetuous and impulsive, failing the Lord in so many different directions, and yet the honesty with which the Bible records his life gives us hope that God is willing to commit the work of his kingdom into the hands of folks, just like ourselves, who will seek to follow him in the life of discipleship.

The pathway of our own pilgrimage is lived out in the company of the one whom Julian of Norwich called ‘our courteous Lord’. He knows all about our unreliability and capacity for stupidity, meanness of spirit and failure, and yet he knows, as well, our ability, strengthened by his grace, to scale heights of courage and depths of devotion, that our lives might be filled with love for him and for others.

Dr. Ken Roxburgh
Pastor for Preaching and Teaching

Homilies on Mark’s Gospel, Part II

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