Church Business Meeting Postponed

It is good to be home and see family and friends as well as to enjoy many of the conveniences here that I so often take for granted. The trip to Morocco was enlightening and challenging on several levels as it provided insight into a culture that is different for sure, but a people who received us with great hospitality and kindness. I look forward to sharing with you some “Musings on Morocco” next Wednesday evening, November 1.

Due to a number of our key leaders being out of town and others fending off seasonal illnesses, the normal Church Business Conference is being postponed until November 8, 2017. For tomorrow evenings program, Ms. Heaslett and Dr. Banks will lead the Wednesday group in a Hymn Sing following the prayer time.  Make plans to be present for this time of fellowship.

Also, our Fall Festival including a covered-dish lunch and games for children is scheduled for this Sunday following worship.  Details about the event are included below. This is a wonderful time to invite a friend or neighbor to enjoy this special event with you and your church family.

Church Business Meeting Postponed

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