Remember to be Pleasing

Everyone agreed the morning had started off with more inconveniences and stressors than usual as we gathered for our weekly staff meeting Tuesday. There were unusual traffic delays and bad drivers, unexpected requests from family members, and parking issues with which to deal. Everyone commented on why the morning events created this level of frustration. Soon though, we experienced one of those humbling “God moments” that stops us in our tracks and calls us to put things into perspective.

Dr. Banks shared with us the Prayer for the Day from the BBC. Listening to this prayer, we were reminded that our human inclination is to express our displeasure and frustration when things do not go our way and perhaps, even to lash out at someone. We were also reminded that there is a correct way to go about expressing ourselves when dealing with a problem, or responding to someone’s lack of consideration. The presenter of the prayer, after having almost made a spectacle of herself by confronting someone, said that the experience “really challenged me to think about how I come across to people, and [to make] sure that my words and actions back up who I claim to be!”

Her prayer challenged all of us. She closed her prayer with these words of David found in Psalm 19: May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. 

Good words for all of us to remember.

Remember to be Pleasing

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