Christ’s Love Compels Us

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship annual gathering (General Assembly) was held June 28-30 in Atlanta, Georgia. I, along with my daughter and recently ordained deacon here at Southside Baptist Church, Annah Lauren Kelley, were privileged to attend the gathering this year. The worship services, workshops, and opportunities to reconnect with old friends and find new ones makes these annual gatherings wonderful events, but this one was even more special. This gathering was the 25th Anniversary of CBF which created a heightened sense of excitement and celebration. Plenary sessions for business and worship were held as were break-out sessions that focused on a variety of topics.

The worship services were moving with uplifting music, inspiring stories and testimonies from missionaries around the world, and preaching that challenged our call and commitment to being the presence of Christ in our communities and around the world. Twenty-five years ago, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship was formed for the same reason that those gathered last week pledged prayer and monetary support for missions. Simply put, “The love of Christ compels us,” which was also the theme for the meeting this year.

The three days at this gathering and away from my daily routine provided an opportunity to step away from my daily tasks, prayerfully ask myself some tough questions about about our mission at SSBC and our engagement in missions in our community and around the world. Some of those questions were: Do we see one another as Christ sees us? Do we see the world around us through the eyes of Christ? Does Christ’s love compel us to be moved with compassion and take action even when it calls for sacrifice? Jesus commissioned his disciples to go and make other disciples, teaching everything that Jesus had taught them. Jesus taught using words and actions, and through his actions he demonstrated the ways of compassion, of grace, forgiveness and love. Through his actions barriers of division and separation were removed and all were invited in. It was and is the way of Jesus the Christ.

I enjoy our journey together,
Tim Kelley

Christ’s Love Compels Us

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