In the Moment

Rob Bell, in his book, “How To Be Here.” reminds us that life is precious, it is a gift, and God has given life to each person to use that life for good. Bell cites Jesus’ teaching on prayer and what it says to us about how we live each moment of each day.

“Jesus taught his disciples a prayer that begins,
Our father, who’s in heaven . . .
. . . which is another way of saying,
Begin your prayers—begin your day—by acknowledging that your life is a gift and this gift flows from a source. This source is responsible for the air in your lungs, the blood that courses through your veins, and the vitality that surges through you and everything around you.
. . . which is another way of saying,
Begin whatever you’re doing by remembering that you are here and you have been given a gift.”

I ruminated on these words thinking about how easily hours and days slip by while preparing for that
“one day when.”
One day when…
I get to a better station in life
I get settled in my career
I get married
We get the kids through school
Work becomes a little more manageable
Whether you have spoken these words or not, you know what is being conveyed. Life and true living is experienced in the moment between what is behind you and what you plan to do. Failing to recognize this fact is to treat with little real respect or value the gift God has given you and the dynamic nature of that gift! Yes, God has made provisions for us to live eternally with him, but God has also given you life to live and to experience His presence in each moment. Resist always living in the past or obsessively planning for the future and embrace the fact that you are here and you have been given a precious gift!

Wednesday Evening
Dr. Roxburgh will lead a session on “Spirituality and Suffering” this evening following our Fellowship Supper and Prayer Time. Come and enjoy fellowship around the table sharing a meal together and enjoying good conversation with one another.

In the Moment

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