We’ve Got (the) Spirit, Yes We Do!

Worship this past Sunday was deeply meaningful and inspiring to members and guests as it included the ordination of two new Deacons and the celebration of Holy Communion all on Pentecost, the birthday of the Church. It was a special day for all of our church family. I was reminded as I watched members and guests come forward to offer words of encouragement and blessing to Annah and Cleve, the two ordained, that though far from perfect, we have come a long way in affirming that the love, mercy and grace of God is available to all; uniting and binding us together as nothing else can.

In those moments of the Deacon Ordination and Holy Communion, the focus of each person conveyed in expressions and actions gave evidence that the issues that normally divide us were far from anyone’s mind. There was no concern about the race, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, education or even political affiliation of all gathered for worship. At least for those moments together, we were not only one in Christ in word, we were living it. What a great testimony to Jesus the Christ who is our Redeemer and Lord. Now, our mission is to take the knowledge and experience of God’s grace outside the walls of our building and into the community! You will read below of several opportunities this week and in weeks to come through which you can let others see the love of Christ in you.

Tonight, we have another in the series on spirituality in our and other faith traditions. Dr. Lisa Battaglia will present tonight on the topic of Buddhist Spirituality. Dr. Battaglia is Associate Professor of Religion at Samford University where she teaches world religions. Join us at 5:30pm for Fellowship Supper followed by Prayer and this presentation by Dr. Battaglia.

If you need a few quiet moments to clear all the clutter in your mind from a busy work week, join us for the Contemplative Service on Thursday evening at 5:30pm. It is a quiet service with scripture, prayer and meditation that concludes with Communion.

We’ve Got (the) Spirit, Yes We Do!

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