The Power of Word and Action

Sunday, June 4, 2017, fifty days after Easter, is the Day of Pentecost. It was on Pentecost that the Church was born. Many miraculous events took place on the Day of Pentecost when an unlikely group of average people became world changers gifted to fulfill their calling. The acts of the Apostles chronicled in the book of Acts were accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit that was heard and seen that day when it was manifested as the sound of a mighty rushing wind and as tongues of fire. It was a dramatic and spectacular entry of this promised gift; a gift that remains and will remain until the end of this age. It is this powerful presence that dwells in the hearts and lives of each and every believer to be our companion, teacher, guide and comforter.

Thinking about this wonderful day in the life of the Church, I was reminded of a passage by George Fox, 17th century founder and leader of the Quakers. This brief passage, which Richard Foster included in his book, “Devotional Classics” comes from one of over 3,000 letters Fox wrote to individuals and groups encouraging them to listen to, rely upon, and be guided by the Holy Spirit in all things.

My little children in the Lord God Almighty, this is my joy that you all be ordered and guided by the mighty power of God. Know that Voice that speaks, the sound of the words, and the power of them. Therefore, walk in the power of the Truth that the name of the Lord God may be glorified among you, his renown may be seen in you and among you, and all the world may be astonished, and the Lord admired in ordering of his people who are guided by his Wisdom. – George Fox [Letter 79]

Almost 1,700 years after the Day of Pentecost, Fox urged fellow Christians to yield to the Spirit’s guidance and become the instrument that God created them to be. And now, almost 2,000 years after God gave the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are reminded and we celebrate that the very same spirit is within us today granting us the privilege and responsibility to be the presence of Christ wherever we may be.

If we are guided by the Spirit of Christ and interact with those we encounter as our neighbors, valuing them as God’s children and seeing each of them as worthy of God’s love, mercy and grace, then the words of Fox will surely be borne out,

Therefore, walk in the power of the Truth that the name of the Lord God may be glorified among you.

May it be so.

The Power of Word and Action

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