New Deacons!

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church, and it is also the day on which we will ordain two newly elected deacons: Annah Kelley and Cleve Kinney. Annah and Cleve were elected for a three-year term along with four other deacons who are coming back onto the active Deacon body. I am including all the active Deacons below so that you will be aware of those serving as Deacons this year. The Ordination Service is always a special time in that it directs our attention to all that we, as believers in the risen Christ, are to keep before us at all times: the caring for and equipping of Believers and sharing the Good News. I encourage you to be present this Sunday as we all worship together and participate in this wonderful event in the life of Southside Baptist Church.

Active Deacons 
2017 Class(expires 3/2018)
Rusty Bennett, Rufus Dalton, Darlene Green, Beth Nigri, Merrie Ramp, Brent Thompson

2018 Class (expires 3/2019)
Valerie Abbott, Carl Lessman, Phil Watts, Charles Auton, Vince Vosteen, Jeff Prince

2019 Class (expires 3/2020)
Chris Fisher, Annah Kelley,* Cleve Kinney,* Henry Penick, Marilyn Shepard, Brenda Tidwell
*New Deacons to be ordained

Life Deacons
Stan Biggs, Richard Cook, Marie Goodman, Bill Mills, W. D. Peeples, Lee Thomas

New Deacons!

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