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Here we are in Holy Week with only a few days until we gather for the Maundy Thursday Service and the Good Friday Service. You received by email (if not, sign up here) a description of these two services as well as the Easter Service which will be a wonderful celebration of our Lord’s resurrection. I want to mention and give some details on one other special opportunity for you to gather, study and celebrate the risen Christ. Following the weekly Gathering, Sunday at 9:00 a.m. in Drennen Hall, all classes are encouraged to remain for the Sunday School hour. During this time, one of our newer members, Dr. Stuart Collier, will lead the Bible Study. Stuart has a wide variety of life and career experiences from which to draw and use in his teaching, writing and ministry. Stuart has served as a Hospice Chaplain, Hospital Chaplin, College Professor and Pastor as well as serving in the U. S. Army Special Forces. Join your Church family for this time of study and fellowship as we hear from Stuart.

This is a most important week for Christians. Though we live in the reality of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ everyday, moving through Holy Week with our attention focused on the events that transpired in Jerusalem the last days of Jesus’ earthly life help us understand the great weight upon Jesus. Through his death, Jesus bore our sins away, not because he had to but because of his unconditional and sacrificial love for us. So great and wonderful is his love. Thanks be to God!

I enjoy our journey together,
Tim Kelley

Join us!

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